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Potion Brewing

Looking for a spooky cocktail for the halloween weekend? We have a couple great ones to try out! In fact we will even let you in on our secret ingredient. Luster Petal Dust.

Luster petal dust is commonly used in baking to add the shimmery glittery look to cakes and other deserts. We've linked to amazon for an easy source, but it can be found at most baking supply stores as well. Be careful to ensure that what you are purchasing is food safe!

Luster petal dust works great for making your desserts look fancy and shimmery, but when added to a thickened liquid it swirles and creates beautiful patterns. Below we have a couple different ways you can use it.

Potion 1: Felix Felicis!

This golden bubbling potion is easy and fun for Halloween (or any occasion) Its near foolproof making it one of our favorites. Be careful not to add too much luster petal dust to the liqueur, start small and build up. Ensure you don't add more than 1/8 teaspoon. Once you have a nice swirling consistency, like in the video below you are ready to make your drink!


1/8 tsp or less Gold luster petal dust (ensure food safe)

4 oz Champagne/Prosecco/Brut/Sparkling wine of choice


Mix 3\4 oz St. Germain and luster petal in separate container.

Pour mixture into champagne flute

Top off with sparkling wine of choice!

The ingredients blend into a smooth, semi-sweet drink and you can make six drinks per bottle of sparkling. The elderflower liqueur mixture can easily be scaled up and if you would like, you can easily batch prep this cocktail in a resealable container.

Hope you enjoy!

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