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Who we are


What is a board game cafe?

Each board game cafe is unique, but there are some common themes. 

  • A library of board games which can be checked out and played at a table in the cafe. 

  • Food - which can range from snacks to full meals

  • Coffee, tea, and other beverages. 

At Wandering Whistler Cafe we plan to have over 300 board games in our library when we open. We will have a full menu including small plates, sharables and entrees. 

For beverages we will have coffee, tea and an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks. Additionally we will have a full bar and cocktail program. 

Meet the owners

We are Wes and Jaclyn Hunter and we want to share our love of great food and beverages mixed with fun games with our community. Above all, we want to share our passions with others and help grow our community while strengthening its foundations. 

We each have our own roots in the wonderful world of board games and fantasy. Jaclyn is a Ravenclaw and loves all things Harry Potter. Wes has always been drawn to games and found a love for strategy and war games at a young age. In middle school he found a group of friends who introduced him to the works of R.A. Salvator and the Forgotten Realms D&D setting and he never looked back. 

Beyond games, both Wes and Jaclyn have a passion for the outdoors enjoying hiking, whitewater kayaking and hunting. Don't tell Wes, but Jaclyn is the better shot. We love animals, especially our dog Oliver. As we have traveled it seems that we always stop to feed the ducks and geese. We decided to name the cafe after a particular Whistling duck that seems to fit our wandering nature so well. 

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