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Boardgames That Are Meant For Travel

Fall season is almost here! For our family, it means lots of hikes and as many camping trips as we can fit into our schedule. We love the outdoors so much, we actually went camping for our four year anniversary. However, vacations don't always go as planned.

When we arrived at the site, there was no cell service. It's probably the longest that I have gone without texting my sister. The other surprise was around running water. It was only accessible through a well. Unexpectedly, this worked in our favor. We were able to completely unplug and even connect with our campsite neighbors.

The first night we played Codenames: Harry Potter. This game was perfect for a night around the camp fire after setting up for the evening. I felt this game really got Wes and me into the team mindset. The basis of the game is around working together and gearing one word clues to your partner. Setup and playtime is around 20 minutes. Even as a huge Harry Potter fan, I found this game challenging. Playing the game while camping, brought some of the Harry Potter magic to life. I felt like we were in the Forest of Dean (Deathly Hallows).

The next morning we had a campfire breakfast and checked in with our neighbors. Outside of discussing board games we mostly talked about the best place to find the good sticks for firewood. Our afternoon consistent of a long hike and a swim. If you have never seen a chihuahua who thinks he is a golden retriever, check out the short video of our dog Oliver.

We celebrated our anniversary with our favorite bottle of wine and Wine IQ. Wine IQ is great for a pair or group. The facts are really interesting and many I have never come across before. It's also one of the few games I can consistently beat Wes.